This isn’t what this blog is for at all…

So if Google has been enormously quick off the mark and indexed it, and you’re reading this, then you’ve been expecting something interesting and perhaps informative and exciting involving cats, travel, caravans, a different way to live, and maybe something about how to care for a samurai fighting fish.  (And if you know me, it will be about writing and photography and calligraphy and computers and my nieces because they are all things (and people) I am also into.  Oh, and coffee.  I roast my own beans in a popcorn maker.  It tastes very nice.  You should try it.)  And you’re now looking at the next post and saying, “Oh.  Theses and articles about gender representation in the media.  This is probably really important and valuable and I think I’ll go see if there’s anything interesting happening on Garance Dore or Ars Technica right now.”

I promise this blog will not be about academic-y stuff.  This is just me using this blog to show teachers where I work what is possible with their in-house content management system if, and it’s a big if, they stop restricting uploadable file types.  PDFs and powerpoints and movies are not evil, IT.   Truly.  They’re even useful as a teaching aide sometimes.

This blog will be about living in an incredibly small space (13 feet by 6 feet) for over two years, and stuff I’ve found that’s fun, and pictures of my cat being incessantly laid-back while staring down strange dogs, and travelling with fish, and pictures of places and people I’ve found interesting, and hopefully – hopefully – you’ll laugh a bit while reading it.

Just come back again a little bit later.  I’ll really try to make it worthwhile.